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This is a playtest version prototype.
The game components and artworks are not finalized.

Sadangpae Trailer

As a leader of street performers clan, send apprentice dice to take actions.
Collect celebrity dice to complete various performances and gain polyomino tiles as reward.
Play polyomino tiles on the town street to earn reputation!
Online playtest is available on TTS and TTP.

Unique Features

1. Dice Bump System

Send your die and perform various actions.
Bump and collect a die from the action space.

2. Polyomino builder

Collect dice to build polyomino.
Earn polyomino tiles and play on your board.

3. Multiuse dice

Color of your action die: action reward selection
Pip of your action die: discount or bonus resource
Color of celebrity die: polyomino pattern
Pip of celebrity die: dice placement

4. Triple Layerd Grid

Choose 3 different rewards by the row, column and color.

5. The Theme

Euro games are common.
Performance-themed Euro games are rare.
Korea-themed Euro games are rarer.
Traditional Korean Performance Euro game is unique.

Game Story

Welcome to Hanyang, the bustling capital city of the Joseon-medieval kingdom of Korea. As the leader of a street performers clan, your mission is to expand your reach and create the most famous performer group in the city. To do this, you will need to send your talented crews to invite masters, advertise your clan, attract fans, and recruit other street performers. Each type of performer has unique skills that can help you gain instant resources and strengthen your clan. You can also learn new themes and report them to Jangakwon, the royal musical institute, to get public ratings and support.

In addition, you will also need to plan and execute performances to earn immediate resources. This may involve staging shows, busking on the streets, pleading with nobles for support, and coming up with new exciting shows. As your reputation grows, celebrity performers will take notice and want to join your clan. With their skills at your disposal, you can showcase impressive group performances and send your performers to parades to earn even more fame.

Ultimately, the goal is to earn the most reputation in Hanyang and become the Joseon Idol. Do you have what it takes to lead your clan to victory?

Game Play

The game plays for 5 rounds. Players use dice to carry out various actions gaining immediate resources and making their subsequent turns stronger. Players use dice to build and earn polyomino tiles, which they use to cover the Street (4×12 squares) on their Player board to gain reputation points (RP). The player with the highest RP at the end of the game wins.

Sadangpae revolves around an action circle divided into 8 different unique action spaces – each holding 2 Celeb dice. Each round players receive 4 Apprentice dice through card drafting. On a player’s turn, they use an Apprentice die to perform an action on the Game board. The color and pip of an Apprentice die determines the rewards and bonuses they can receive in that action space. Then the Apprentice die bumps out 1 of 2 Celeb dice on the action space. The player collects and places the Celeb die on their Player board according to the pip of the die. A player receives a polyomino tile when there are 4 Celeb dice matching a Showcase card’s requirements in shape and color. The polyomino tile is immediately placed on the Street to gain RP at the end of the game. Players are free to use Seals either for dice manipulation or to gain extra benefits by spending them. At the end of round 5, all players count RP from the tracks, objectives, actions, accomplished Showcase cards and the Street. The player with the highest RP wins the game.

Who would be interested?

People who like;
Medium-heavy Euro games
Worker placement with dice worker games
Polyomino and efficiency puzzle games
Interesting and tough decision making games
Performance / show-themed Euro games
Korea-themed games

Mechanics in the game

Worker placement with dice workers
Pattern building
Open drafting
Dice rolling
Set collection
End game bonuses
Variable Set-up
Resource to move

What does Sadangpae mean?

Sadangpae is a itinerant clan of street performers. There is a record about a puppet show found from Shilla (an ancient kingdom of Korea, 57 BCE – 935 CE) but most of the Sadangpaes were formed in Joseon (medieval kingdom of Korea, 1392-1897 CE). They were traveling around the country presenting various arts such as singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, tricks and acrobats. Their situations were often difficult and miserable but they didn’t stop giving laughters to common people. They were the idols in Joseon.
A Korean movie “The King and the Clown (2005)” depicts a slice of their lives in a factional plot relating to a historical figure known to be a mad king.

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